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Bali Highlights

Bali Highlights

Seminyak Street Style

Allegra Jackson, Allegra Jackson Sydney


The traffic in Seminyak over the Christmas and New Year break is like poking yourself in the eye with a satay stick. But don't let that dissuade you - just have a plan.

Do: Have an agreed pick up / drop off location with a driver and watch where you walk on the pavements. We choose our pick up spots near a nice bar preferably on the beach; this way if the traffic gets a bit gnarly you can have a cocktail  (or two) whilst you wait for the car.

Don't: Walk without conviction. The roads are chaos but it's organised chaos so don't ruin it for them by getting hit. Once you decide to cross, follow through as the cars and bikes will stop for you..seriously bad luck if they don't! 


Allegra Jackson, Allegra Jackson Sydney

Allegra Jackson, Allegra Jackson Sydney


La Lucciolo:
They don't take bookings for lunch so go early, sit upstairs and have the lychee margarita. The whole menu is fantastic, light Italian and fresh. The view is beautiful and the structure is fun especially if you like Tarzan. 

Motel Mexicola:
It was super steamy when we dined but the fans and mariachi band kept our spirits high. 'Pornstar mojito' is ridiculously good. The whole menu is a standout.
Don't go past: tempura prawn taco, grilled corn and chipotle, tuna tostada and the sea perch ceviche. Finish with a look at the shot menu, 'Cha cha cha' was heavenly but intense. Have a quick squiz over the impressive cigar menu. The website is exactly like the venue, fun fun fun (after dark is a whole lotta fun at Mexicola a party not to be missed when in Bali).


Allegra Jackson, Allegra Jackson Sydney

Now we are biased because we love Mamasan in Australia (Bondi and Broadbeach) but this restaurant was worth the three day wait to get a booking. Preferably book before you land in Bali. To start with the service is outstanding. You could not find more helpful or lovely servers, great for telling you when you've ordered far too much for the table or changing plates between saucy dishes.
Highlights were the softshell crab pad thai, all of the dumplings, peking duck (you can't go past it), Malaysian chicken masala, and braised eggplant. And of course more lychee's in the icy mojitos. 


Allegra Jackson, Allegra Jackson Sydney

Honourable mentions: 
Bebek Bengil Ubud (and Nusa Dua). We have been coming here for the crispy duck for years.  It's not gourmet and not for posh totties, its just perfectly crispy duck with simple sides of rice and pickled vegetables. Jimbaran Bay is scattered with restaurants where you sit on the beach and get your hands dirty with crab, prawns and spicy sambal. It's a beer and plastic table vibe so get messy and watch the locals night fish. If you don't make it to the rice paddies of the mountains get your dose from Nook. Plenty of clean eats and acai bowl's but also SATAY!  Make sure you pop your head into their cute shop. The W does a mean sunset/ cocktail and small bites. All the hip cafes in Canguu, it's a mini Bondi, very clean eats. Echo is always great as is Ji Terrace.

Allegra Jackson, Allegra Jackson Sydney

 Airport Tips n Tricks

Allegra Jackson, Allegra Jackson Sydney

Find a driver before you land - there are several hundred thousand reviews on tripadviser and you can easily find someone for the right place. **OR save your stress and hassle and get in contact with our good friend Willo. Not only a driver but a right hand man in helping us with our business in Bali. Super easy going lad who will get you the perfect pictures, knows all the best shopping and everything to order at the 'hottest' new resturant. 

Need a driver? Willo is your man! He is a wheeler and dealer with perfect English, will make sure you never get ripped off and knows the best spots for an insta- worthy snap. For an airport pickup or casual driver Willo is a treat and we can't rave about him enough. 


We always try and bring local currency with us before leaving Aus and the same goes for Bali. Do not exchange at the airport unless you really need to. Same goes for the exchange spots around the streets (unless its a really goodf deal). We prefer to withdraw straight from the ATM (a substantial amount to make the fee worthwhile AND because Bali ATMS are notorious for running out of cash). Then take this cash and head back to where you are staying and roll it up throughout your possesions should you not have a safe. Cash is king in Bali - always agree on a price before you whip out your cash bundle. FYI in the 15 years we have been visiting Bali with our friends and family we have never lost cash or our belongings in the many hotels and villas we have stayed in. Obviously you can never be too cautious but this is a place we feel extremely safe, inside and out. 

Coming in and out of Bali can be a very different experince depending on the times you are traveling. Always give yourself more time for check in and should you whip through quickly there are some lovely massage spots available to enjoy the last of your break. Also one of our favoruite duck joints has opened in the airport so we are always happy to get in early to soak up the last of our beloved Babek. 




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