Tips for when you can fly high

  1. Open the lids of your lil liquid bottles and place a piece of plastic wrap underneath to create an airtight seal to prevent leaks during transit.
  1. Take a photo of all your travel documents (including passport) text and email them to yourself.
  1. Basic but highly needed – take a photo of where you parked at the airport even for short trips.
  1. Pack your belts inside shirt collars to hold shape, we also do this for our hats.
  1. Roll your clothes – we also hide emergency money throughout the rolls and in the socks that we then place inside shoes.
  1. Be early for check in and ask nicely if there are any upgrades available – you will be surprised one day.
  1. Request a ‘fragile’ tag for your checked luggage so it ends up on top.
  1. Place a cotton swab inside your blush, bronzer, eye shadow (basically any powder) to prevent cracking during travel. Going to do a touch up on the plane and having dark bronzer attack you and the seat is no fun.
  1. Before you travel O.S download google maps offline – same goes for currency converter.
  1. Use ATMs to get local currency they usually have the best exchange rates.
  1. Being nice and understanding to the flight attendants will usually result in more booze.
  1. Ask hotel reception for an adapter if you have forgotten they usually have one for guest use – if you pack one keep it in your carry on.
  1. Many airport lounges you can pay to access, most of the time this ends up being cheaper than eating (drinking pre flight bubbles) in the airport restaurants and bars.
  1. Pack a scarf / jacket always. It’s generally freezing at some stage of your journey and it’s a makeshift pillow.

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